News and Updates Recommended Reads on UAP Visitors and Witnesses

Trinty, The best Kept Secret, by Jacques F. Vallee and Paolo Leopizzi Harris

This 1945 historical event includes witness and testimonial investigation from renown authors on the subject. It’s time to be informed.

The Extratermpestrial Model, by Dr. Michael P. Masters (Anthropologist)

Dr. Michael Masters’ research and analysis suggests UFO’s and Aliens are visitors from our future, human descendants coming back to study the progress from our evolutionary past. A must Read for many reasons.

Devil’s Den, a True Story, Terry Lovelace, Esq., six-year veteran USAF.

Larry Lovelace details a personal 1977 camping event to photograph wildlife with a veteran friend at Arkansas State Park known as Devils Den. The compelling details are thought provoking to better understand life as we know it.”

JK’s bookshelves are full of compelling and inspiring personal reads. However, one of those books “People of The Secret” by Ermnest Scott, pseudonym. copyright 1983 has become my most reread book and mentioned in my fiction stories.

JK Highly recommends reading this out-of-print book, sold on web at a high price. However, for a voluntary fee, you can request synopsis article to print from an Australia address.

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Or: copyright, New Dawn Magazine and the respected author. For reproduction notice: (

I’ve exhausted used bookstores for this book, but this article is great and shares the irresistible story. The first sentence starts with….

“A persistent legend originating in the East tells of hidden locations on the Earth where there exist certain groups of individuals with both exceptional powers and highly perfected character and consciousness.”