Invisible Forces: Mysteries About Time

The year 2035 has arrived during unsettling times. People are fearful of global wars, terrorism, cyber assaults, and technological developments that threaten humankind and the planet. Dak, a senior graphics operative who possesses special pattern skills, is working for a private covert company when he receives a mysterious visit one night from a shadowy figure who brings a clear warning about a recent finding. With limited freedom due to his protected expertise, Dak is now compelled to solve the images discovered in a metal clasp on the remains of a courier's body in the Arizona desert. As he questions outdated technology and delves deeper for answers, Dak is propelled onto a collision course lined with secrecy and dark web bidders who are determined to thwart his life and findings. On this unique journey to learn the truth, Dak is led from Arizona to Florida, where he uncovers invisible forces that unexpectedly change his life and his course forever. In this gripping thriller, a talented operative risks his life to solving the mystery behind a newly discovered top-secret image as the future of humankind perilously hangs in the balance.

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