Tracking Terra: A Book About Time Travel

The surreptitiously placed note reads: "Billion dollar bounty on your life. David was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, forty years ago." With the note's discovery, Sara Alessa Giustino feels threatened and knows what she must do. Her life depends on finding David, a friend from the past-someone she met over two hundred years ago in Paris.

Five hundred years ago, the Kryios, an advanced race from Andromeda, saved Sara's life on Earth; they bestowed upon her the gift of longevity in return for accepting assignments to protect the evolution of mankind. She knows too much, and now she needs to protect that knowledge.

The search for David catapults her into discovering the whereabouts of the most sacred energy source on Earth and the shocking revelation that the energy source has been contaminated by a cosmic colony that plans to overtake Earth. She is confronted with unimaginable peril: clandestine companies, untrustworthy rich investors, and cosmic alien interference. The journey leads her to the sacred sites in Sedona and Peru and, through time travel, to the present future in a race to ensure humanity's survival.

A book cover with the title traveling terra.