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Shades of Truth
by JK Scott

Publishers Editors

Excerpts from Press Release (March 2008)

Not since Indiana Jones have we encountered an adventurer like Tyler Moore, the hero in shades of Truth, a new book of fiction from first-time author J.K. Scott. Against the back drop of the fascinating and ancient Mayan civilization, Scott has created a fast-paced, thrilling story filled with spellbinding action, interesting characters, and gripping historical facts. Set in a future just a few years from now, Shades of Truth blends perfectly a freeseeable new future with the mysteries of days long gone.

"Tyler Moore's story is ultimately a positive take on the spirit and resilience of humanity," says J.K. Scott.  "But it also points out that we have not risen above warfare, which has a direct affect on our demise as a species. For all of us, it would be naive to believe we were the only thinking, feelings beings in the universe. Shades of Truth raises the important questions we must ask ourselves if we plan to survive on this planet."

Using Extensive research on Mayan world prophesies and others, the plot of Shades of Truth marches forward at a terrifying pace in an all too familiar world of political and environmental chaos. The result of Moore's investigation ultimately creates an international panic that demands the attention of world leaders around the globe. Will Moore be the catalyst to save the human race, or are the ancient Mayan prophesies actually coming true? Shades of Truth ponders the deepest questions of the universe in the midst of a riveting, can't stop read of a book from a major new voice in fiction.




Masters of Cosmic Time: The Mayan's Long Count, Thirteen cycles of four hundred years ( will be completed on December 21, 2012.